March 25, 2011

Testing out new base makeup products from P&J, Armani, Anna Sui

I am seriously addicted to base makeup products. I just keep on hauling and hauling base makeup, like my face is as big as a stadium.

So today's short post will be on a few new things that I've started to break into.

Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV
Anna Sui Pressed Powder (not sure if this is the exact name)
Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation #5

I would say that I probably own more Paul & Joe makeup over any other brand. I love their girly packaging and floral scent in their products (nailpolishes included!). The first time I used Paul & Joe, it was love at first swipe.

What I did notice at first is that the texture of the Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer UV is fairly emollient over the Moisturising Primer. I thought that it might actually make me more oilier during the day. But I say it's decent. My t-zone produces oil like a factory trying to supply global demand for ipad2! 

When the primer does settles into my skin and almost disappears to leave a thin veil, I noticed a slight sheen. Almost dewy, but not illuminescent. I am guessing that the high SPF factor of 40 plays a part to this slight dewiness, although I can't be sure. It doesn't change your skin tone or add any radiance, which admittedly I have grown to appreciate with my over-fatigued complexion.

Here I am using Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation. This foundation is fast becoming a favourite of mine, with it's light to medium and long-lasting properties. It's truly a beautiful foundation and I have already received compliments. It feels like second skin and looks almost like I have perfect skin.

I finished off with a sweep of Anna Sui's Pressed Powder, which I'm afraid I can't remember the name or shade because I threw all my boxes away! It has no shimmer particles in this pressed powder, and is a joy to use because of its usual Anna Sui's rose-like scent.

And I do notice that Anna Sui and Paul & Joe are both manufactured by Albion Co., which probably explains why I can easily confess my obsessions on the product formulation from both companies. Fair statement?

So how did the primer and foundation fare in terms of long-lasting and oil-control? After a good 8 hours in the office, running around doing errands, and gulfing down the best ever hot Sichuan noodles for lunch. I would say my face was slightlier oiler than normal at 5pm. I definitely felt uncomfortable with an oily t-zone by then. However, the combination of the primer and foundation still did fairly good considering that I never blot.

I'm not sure if I'm completely swooned by this primer because it felt thicker than any other primer I have used recently. But if you're looking for a sunscreen (I forgot to mention  that it has an SPF of 40 PA++) and primer in one, this is a great multipurpose purchase.

And oh yes, my foundation stayed moderately strong despite all the oil that was 'sloshing' around during the day.

TGIF! I hope you have a good weekend!


Janet said...

I love how the Giorgio Armani foundation look on you..super flawless! Thanks for this review..=)

Tracy said...

@Janet: You're welcome! Second thoughts about this foundation coming up!

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